Stop Emotional Eating Now!

Your Weight in Mind: Stop Emotional Eating in 4 Easy Steps. 4 Week Programme. Just £450.

Stop emotional eating now with this comprehensive and powerful hypnosis programme comprising 4 jam-packed one-to-one online sessions (plus you get an extra session for free). Designed to help you break the habit of emotional eating, you can look forward to feeling so much better about yourself as you start to eat mindfully and healthily without restrictive dieting.

Powerful Hypnotherapy to Help You Stop Emotional Eating NOW

Imagine being able to naturally stop emotional eating now without calorie-counting or denying yourself those “bad” foods?

Your Weight in Mind programme is tailored to your needs at all times with jam-packed one-to-one online sessions. You will learn to harness the power of your mind, develop a more mindful approach to eating that will help you recognise emotional hunger (which is often the driving force of weight gain) and discover strategies to overcome life’s trickier moments in more helpful ways.

Over the course of this programme, I will help you finally take back control from the destructive cycle of emotional eating so that you can embrace a healthier relationship with food and yourself.

Emotional Eating Therapy Near Me
Emotional Eating Therapy Near Me
Emotional Eating Therapy Near Me

The Ultimate Stop Emotional Eating Programme

Your Weight in Mind will help you to . . .

Achieve these . . .

And more . . .

"I have lost 25lbs!
Anna, Your Weight in Mind is like gold dust."

— Jane K, Wales


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Your Weight in Mind Programme

Your Weight in Mind comprises 4 main steps and, don’t forget, you get an extra session to make sure you have everything you need.

Setting You Up for Success

Whether you eat out of habit or to cover up an emotional need, this session is about setting you up with the necessary skills to manage difficult emotions and make the changes you desire in a more mindful and intuitive way.

Cutting the Cravings

This powerful session is about breaking the chain of the emotional eating cycle. You will discover how food cravings play out in your mind so you can start to successfully unhook yourself from their grip.

The End of Emotional Eating

In this session, I use a powerful re-encoding technique to help override your unhealthy eating habit and replace it with healthier strategies. You will also learn to recognise the difference between emotional eating and real hunger.

Feel Good About Food

Consolidating your new healthy relationship with food and yourself is the basis of this session. You will look ahead and emblazon your healthy eating successes into your future, keeping them strong and relevant so you can enjoy food guilt-free!

We're a good fit if...

You’re ready to make a positive change in your life

Making a commitment to yourself is such a positive step and a big part of your recovery journey. With a willingness to trust and believe in your power, change is possible.

You're ready to stop emotional eating now

You’ve had enough of this destructive eating habit and you’re determined to find a natural and long-lasting solution that works with both your mind and body.

You're ready to embrace a healthier relationship with food and yourself

Now is the time to build a healthier and more loving relationship with yourself. When you truly act from a place of self-care, you will naturally and instinctively start to make food choices that are better and more beneficial for you.

Emotional Eating Therapy Near Me
Emotional Eating Therapy Near Me
Emotional Eating Therapy Near Me

"I'm noticing that I am more aware of my eating habits and I'm not unconsciously eating so much!"

— Carolyn M, Germany