Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking

Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking

For even the heaviest of smokers, kicking the habit is something they desperately want to achieve. Often smokers stop for a brief period of time only to fall back into it when their guard is down. One of the most common reasons for falling back into the habit is the “I’ll just have one” thinking when faced with periods of stress or revisiting situations from the past in which smoking was intrinsically linked. This is when using hypnotherapy to stop smoking can help.

As with any attempt to break an unwanted habit, there are often misconceptions about what it takes to overcome them. When clients come to see me, they often talk about not having the willpower to stop. One of my greatest joys is letting them know that quitting isn’t about exerting massive amounts of willpower. Quitting any habit successfully is about aligning your mind so that you are absolutely committed to achieving what you desire on every level.

It is for this reason I will only see clients for Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy who are committed to stopping smoking for good. If you’re unsure or undecided then I would recommend waiting until you are absolutely sure that quitting is what you truly desire or booking a one-off session to work through any resistance.

In terms of the success rate of using hypnotherapy to stop smoking, the website, Quit Smoking Support says:

“Of all the researched methods, hypnosis comes out on top. Research shows that when done correctly the success rate is slightly above 66%. Compare that to the success rates of trying to quit on your own (5%), using behaviour therapy (25%), or using nicotine replacement products (25%), and hypnosis looks like the best option out there. In fact, there is no other method supported by research that even comes close.”

Anna is the North Wales hypnotherapist for the National Stop Smoking Centre.

Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking

Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking Treatment Package - £185

This treatment package consists of a 2 hour session (for most people this is successful in helping them quit smoking for good), a hypnosis recording for added support and, if you need another session within six months of your first treatment, you will receive an extra session free of charge.