Cracking the Snacking Code: How to STOP emotional eating with this simple yet powerful, instantly downloadable hypnosis programme that will help you lose weight without dieting!

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  • Stop emotional eating and binge eating indefinitely
  • Tell when you’re actually hungry or experiencing emotional cravings
  • Control your cravings and begin a new healthy relationship with food
  • Naturally wake up feeling more energised and ready to start your day
  • Be more confident in your body and about yourself
  • Re-train your brain to a HEALTHIER, more CONFIDENT YOU

If you would like to learn and experience ANY of the above… please read on!

My Cracking the Snacking Code is a simple and natural solution which easily overrules all diet-based strategies in effectiveness.

Cracking the Snacking Code: This 2-hour long SUBLIMINAL RECORDING can help you train your mind while you sleep!

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Recent studies have shown that parts of the learning centre of your brain light up in your sleep!

This exciting news is perfect for those with busy schedules. Because now you can use this special subliminal recording to take advantage of your sleeping hours too… by programming your subconscious mind to eat mindfully during the day.

Or… if you prefer to listen as you’re doing your everyday tasks, the subliminal recording is the perfect choice!

Because… unlike formal hypnosis, you don’t have to sit or lie down with your eyes closed.

And… even though you cannot consciously hear the words, your unconscious mind will effortlessly tune into them.

FREE: Forest Guided Imagery Meditation: Experiencing Nature in the Comfort of Your Home

“Brilliant! Absolutely Stunning!”

I don’t know about you but I began to realise during the recent lockdowns that my emotional health was really beginning to suffer. Thankfully, through my training, I knew how to re-discover the emotional equilibrium that is so important for a healthy and well-balanced mind.

The answer was to connect with nature although this wasn’t easy with the restrictions that were in place.

The idea behind this recording is to bring the incredible benefits of nature to the listener in the comfort of home. The recording engages all of the senses to inspire as realistic an experience as possible. The more real the experience, the greater the benefits. Please enjoy!

Affirmations for a Working Week

Download your copy of this beautiful Daily Affirmation Chart for the Working Week.

Starting with calmness and ending with restfulness, the affirmations are ordered specifically to give an emotional direction for the week.

Please consult your doctor before listening to these recordings.

When listening to these recordings, do NOT drive or operate any machinery.