Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking

Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking

Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking will help you become a confident speaker by tuning out of negative thoughts and stepping into your brilliance!

The fear of public speaking, also known as Glossophobia, is a common form of anxiety and is thought to affect up to 75% of the population. It can range from low grade feelings of nervousness to paralysing fear and panic. Underlying causes can be rooted in a fear of judgemental evaluation by others, a fear of rejection, a fear of failure and a fear of being watched.

It is thought that some causes of public speaking anxiety are inherited from our early human ancestors. Living in tribes was essential for survival therefore rejection was something to be feared. Being watched by potential predators was understandably threatening and would trigger our internal alarm system, the flight or flight response.

Add to any possible inherited anxieties feelings of self-doubt, perfectionist traits and a fear of embarrassment and we have the perfect emotional cocktail for public speaking anxiety.

Treatment consists of several elements but in the first instance, we need to establish the main trigger of your anxiety and seek to resolve this. Once we understand the underlying belief that’s fuelling your anxiety, we can start to reframe any unhelpful thoughts and build your confidence and self-esteem using hypnosis to strengthen the changes that are taking place. I will also equip you with the necessary tools to manage any public speaking situation which include understanding brain freeze (a common symptom of public speaking anxiety), learning to calm down your mind and body, knowing where to focus your attention and changing your perception of your audience.

Finally, it’s all about rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal. The good news is that our brains cannot differentiate between what is real and what is imagined. This means that you can practise public speaking in your mind, enjoying your newfound confidence and using your new public speaking strategies to build your successful speaking experience. Inner rehearsal is an incredibly powerful part of your hypnosis journey and I will teach you how to use self-hypnosis for this purpose.

Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking

Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking - £75 per session

Each session lasts up to 90 minutes. You will receive two hypnosis recordings, one to help you access feelings of calm whenever you need and the other to help you learn self-hypnosis.