Anna Ritchie’s Your Weight in Mind



Your Weight in Mind: Stop Emotional Eating in 4 Easy Steps.

Intensive One-to-One Online Sessions Tailored to You.

4 Week Programme. Just £450.


“Be part of a community that has recovered successfully from unhealthy eating habits through this programme.”

John Mitchell, Johnny’s Kitchen


This is the place where you finally start to take control and break the destructive cycle of emotional eating.

It doesn’t involve calorie-counting or the denial of “bad” foods, rather it focuses on the power of your mind and encourages a more mindful approach to eating that helps you recognise emotional hunger (which is often the driving force of weight gain) and learn strategies to overcome life’s trickier moments in more helpful ways.

Enjoy 4 jam-packed one-to-one sessions plus an extra (5th) session for free.

And start to . . .

  • Break free from the destructive cycle of emotional eating.
  • Start to make food choices that are constructive, not destructive.
  • Understand what drives unhealthy habits.
  • Re-train your brain to build new and healthier eating habits.
  • Stop cravings in their tracks.
  • Learn how to recognise emotional hunger.
  • Develop a more mindful and connected relationship with yourself.
  • Learn how to recognise and re-balance your emotional needs.
  • Replace old eating habits with positive and healthier strategies.
  • Tap into your powerful inner resources, strengths, skills and talents
  • Be able to access your calm inner space so that you feel more in control.
  • Promote healing throughout your life.
  • Project your healthy-eating blueprint into the future.