Prices & Packages

“Anna has helped me enormously with my fear of flying. Since our meeting I have found flying to be a much more enjoyable experience, unencumbered by anxiety. I would highly recommend Anna to anyone.”

Please have a look at the options and packages below and do get in touch with any questions.

  • Once you have bought a session, I will be in touch to arrange a suitable time and date.
  • A FREE 15 minute phone consultation is included in all packages.
  • Skype, Zoom and face-to-face sessions available.

Single Hypnotherapy Session

Sometimes a one-off session is enough to work through a difficulty or shine a light on a problem. Perhaps you feel as though you need a positive emotional boost or simply some time to reconnect with yourself. If so, please do get in touch and we can discuss your needs and requirements. The session will last for approximately 90 minutes. Personalised recording included. Subsequent related sessions – £100.00


2 Session Hypnotherapy Package

The 2 session package is ideal for people who would like a follow-up session in order to reflect on progress made and to ensure that the desired change is well established. The second session is a great opportunity to look ahead to the future with positive intention, connecting you with all your resources and strategies and ensuring that change is here to stay. Personalised recording included.


3 Session Hypnotherapy Package – Most Popular Option

This is the most popular option as it gives sufficient time to work through your issues, evaluate progress made and set you up for your future success. Each package is bespoke and tailored specifically to your needs. We will agree a suitable and realistic treatment plan and discuss ways in which you can begin to integrate these positive changes into your life. Personalised recording included.



Single EFT Session

EFT is a form of acupressure (tapping on various points on the body) that helps to relieve emotional and physical pain. As with hypnotherapy, some issues can be dealt with in one or two sessions but, with more complex issues, further sessions might be required. EFT, in my experience, can be quite tiring (in a good way!) as emotions can process very quickly. For this reason each session will last for 1 hour.


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4 Session EFT Package

The 4 session package is a popular option as it allows time and space to work through presenting issues, to uncover the roots of limiting beliefs and to work towards a resolution. Sometimes, as healing takes place throughout the therapy process, client’s goals can change so, in this respect, the 4 session package is ideal.


Weight Loss Programme Package – 6 Sessions

Weight loss can be difficult and complex as issues with food are often tangled up with our beliefs, experiences and coping mechanisms. This six session package gives us time to work through unhelpful thought processes and unhook negative emotions associated with food. The focus is on re-training your brain to recognise different forms of hunger, to de-code these messages and to establish healthy and powerful strategies to successfully maintain a positive mind-set around food. Mindful eating is at the heart of this programme and we will work from the premise of self-nurture rather than self-denial. Personalised recording included.


Hypnotherapy/Coaching Power Package – 8 Sessions

This is the ultimate client support programme combining solution-focused professional coaching with the power of hypnosis. Often, during coaching sessions, issues can arise that need to be looked at in a more therapeutic context. Hypnotherapy is a quick yet effective tool for making positive change so when combined with coaching, the results can be incredibly powerful. Whether your goal is to achieve professional success or whether you desire change on a more personal level, this package offers a bespoke service to meet your specific needs. The sessions are there for you to work on a particular issue or to work through any presenting issues as they arise. Personalised recording included.