Cracking the Snacking: Hypnosis for a Healthy Eating Mind-set the Diet-free Way

Re-train YOUR brain to a healthier YOU!

  • Have you PUT ON THE POUNDS during lockdown?
  • Does home working mean MORE snacking?
  • What if there was a way to eat HEALTHY and NOURISHING FOODS from a place of care and compassion towards yourself?
  • What if you felt more EMPOWERED when choosing the foods you eat?
  • What if you understood the REAL reason behind your hunger (yes, that’s right, it’s not just hunger that makes you feel hungry)?

The GREAT NEWS is that there IS A WAY to achieve this.

Use this recording to DISCOVER and LEARN NEW WAYS and STRATEGIES to approach your food choices.

FREE: Forest Guided Imagery Meditation: Experiencing Nature in the Comfort of Your Home

“Brilliant! Absolutely stunning!”

I don’t know about you but I began to realise during the recent lockdowns that my emotional health was really beginning to suffer. Thankfully, through my training, I knew how to re-discover the emotional equilibrium that is so important for a healthy and well-balanced mind.

The answer was to connect with nature although this wasn’t easy with the restrictions that were in place.

The idea behind this recording is to bring the incredible benefits of nature to the listener in the comfort of home. The recording engages all of the senses to inspire as realistic an experience as possible. The more real the experience, the greater the benefits. Please enjoy!

Please consult your doctor before listening to these recordings.

When listening to these recordings, do NOT drive or operate any machinery.