Anna Ritchie - Clinical Hypnotherapist


Anna's experience as a professional musician gives her that unique understanding of the pressures involved in live performance.

Performance Psychology: The Path to Success

  • Imagine being able to perform, act or speak with confidence?
  • Imagine having an unwavering belief in yourself and your abilities?
  • Imagine actually enjoying the experience of engaging with an audience?
  • Imagine having the freedom to be your uniquely expressive self?

Whether you are a musician, an actor, a public speaker or whether you have a presentation to make, any associated anxieties can be quickly and successfully treated with hypnotherapy.

  • Build a healthier belief system
  • Connect with positive inner resources
  • Learn to tap into the performance zone 
  • Create a positive inner dialogue
  • Celebrate your unique indiviuality

Performance anxiety is often a result of beliefs and habitual ways of thinking that are out of date and irrelevant. Using an integrative approach of hypnotherapy and rational emotive behavioural therapies, Anna also provides insight into some of the most progressive performance psychology techniques.

How Does Hypnotherapy Help?

The conscious mind operates in the here and now but, in reality, it is actually operated by the subconscious mind, the blueprint of our emotional and experiential existance. It is no surprise, therefore, that any unhelpful and negative beliefs we hold can manifest as a critical inner voice with a narrative of doom and gloom. Thankfully, during the hypnotic process, we are able to distract this part of the mind by giving it something else to think about, perhaps by imaging a beautiful scene or simply instilling a feeling of calm and serenity by focusing on the wavering flame of a candle or the gentle lapping of waves.

From here, your subconscious mind is able to work freely without inhibition and can embrace and internalise a new and more beneficial way of thinking.

Hypnotherapy Empowers and Strengthens Positive Thoughts

Neuroplasticity is a term that describes the ability of the brain to re-wire itself. Neural connections, the electro-chemical impulses that allow brain cells to communicate with each other, adapt and reorganise themselves in response to our environment and changing needs. 

Hypnotherapy utilises this natural brain function by means of a positive, repetitive and metaphorical narrative. This builds and strengthens positive neural connections which ultimately enables us to react and respond to our environment in a more helpful way.

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