Anna Ritchie - Clinical Hypnotherapist


Whether you believe in past lives or not, past life regression therapy is an incredibly powerful form of healing. Based on the premise that your subconscious or higher mind will guide you to a significant event in your past that requires your attention, it is possible to experience forgiveness, release negative energy, break repetitive patterns and understand more about yourself and your life's purpose.

The origin of any information received is, in many respects, irrelevant. Yes, it could indeed be a recollection of a previous existence or it could be one's imagination operating freely and metaphorically in order to express certain needs or desires.

Most importantly, however, is the level of healing that can be achieved. Many people experience deep, profound or intense emotions and in the hands of a trained therapist, any obvious or persistent unresolved issues can be worked through and reconciled.

Anna has trained in past life therapy with internationally recognised past life regression hypnotherapist, Lorraine Flaherty.

Past Life Regression Therapy


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Session lasts up to 4 hours

Discover your life's purpose

Understand the influences that shape who you are

Make peace with your past

Release negative energy blocks

Break repetitive patterns

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