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Smoking: A Thing of the Past

If you are here, reading this with a real, determined, one hundred percent intention of becoming a non-smoker then congratulations! You are a non-smoker! You have changed your mind-set and you will do it!

Therapy helps and enables you to fulfil your true desires. If you have perhaps been persuaded to quit smoking, just think about whether you are really driving this change.

If you are certain that you are no longer a smoker then hypnotherapy will quickly and effectively strengthen your resolve, equip you with the tools to overcome situations in which temptations and habits are present and also encourage more compassionate and nurturing self-care.

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Hope and Confidence

Sometimes we can simply lose our way. Perhaps you no longer find pleasure in the things you once held dear. Perhaps you no longer feel as strong and as confident in particular areas of your life. Maybe the mundane trudge of everyday existence just seems dull, hopeless and directionless.

Hypnotherapy can help you re-connect with your inner self. By using gentle but thorough and effective techniques, such as Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy, you will begin to understand and intuitively know what needs to change so that you can experience true contentment and lead the most meaningful life possible.

Just Take One Small Step at a Time

Work? Admin? Household chores? Lifestyle? Exercise? Maybe you have an ambition, something that you've always wanted to achieve? But what's stopping you?

Sometimes we bury our heads in the sand, sometimes we're overwhelmed, sometimes the prospect of doing something is just too uninspiring and too much like hard work, sometimes we're fearful of failure or even fearful of success!

If you can relate to any of these scenarios or indeed add some of your own to the list then rest assured that hypnotherapy can help you take that first step towards achieving your goal.

Discovering the spanner in the works, the belief or beliefs that hinder your progress is always the first priority. Such beliefs will then be vigorously challenged and replaced with helpful and healthier alternatives.

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