Your Comfort Eating Self-care Toolkit

Below is your free Comfort Eating Self-care Toolkit comprising three powerful ways to help you gain control of your eating habits and manage any overwhelming emotions more successfully.

Get Clarity With Your Eating Habits

Awareness is the key to change! Fill out this worksheet and try out the questionnaire to discover any potential blocks that might be hindering your desire to stop comfort eating.

How Powerful Hypnotherapy Can Help You

Watch this short animation video and discover why hypnotherapy is such a powerful yet quick and effective tool and how it can help you make the changes that you desire.

Snow Globe Mindfulness Meditation

Use this Snow Globe Mindfulness Meditation to help strengthen your resolve to allow thoughts to come and go without feeling overwhelmed. As with any relaxation exercise, please do not drive or operate machinery when listening to this recording.

How I can help you . . .

I created Your Weight in Mind programme to help women finally take back control from the destructive cycle of comfort eating and embrace a healthier relationship with food and themselves.