An ongoing series of thoughtful, educational and informative posts with an emphasis on holistic health and well-being, hypnotherapy and musical ponderings.

Be mindful of mindfulness: Thought provoking (and perhaps controversial) musings on the pitfalls and advantages of mindfulness.

I sometimes treat myself to Holland & Barrett’s Healthy well-being magazine. It encourages me to sit down, relax (which I find difficult) and read about things that really interest me and it’s a way of bringing some calm into my life. An article called “Mindfulness is making our stress worse” by Ronald Purser, professor of … Read More

Is stress-related sick leave causing you stress? Find out how to boost attendance, increase profits and have a happy, healthy workforce.

Stress, anxiety and depression have made it into the top three most common reasons for workplace sickness absence. According to the Office for National Statistics, in 2016, mental health issues ranked third behind only flu and musculoskeletal conditions and contributed to the loss of 15.8 million working days. In a 2017 article describing a worrying … Read More


As I sat . . . pondering . . . during a lull in an orchestral rehearsal, I found myself asking two of many musician’s million dollar questions, “what makes great music great and what makes a great musician great?” Of course, “great”, in this context is a subjective term. However, for the sake of … Read More

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