Leading Emotional Eating Hypnotherapist

Powerful online hypnotherapy to help women stop emotional eating

Anna Ritchie is a leading emotional eating hypnotherapist. Her comprehensive hypnotherapy programme, Your Weight in Mind, enables women to break the habit of emotional eating so they can eat naturally and healthily without restrictive dieting.

Are you struggling to break free of the destructive cycle of emotional eating?

Saying “no” to those snacks should be easy, right? Just stay out of the kitchen, limit yourself to one biscuit, try another diet or just use willpower. You’ve heard all the tricks in the book and you’ve tried them all. But still, here you are, nothing has worked, the lure of “feel good” food is stronger than ever and you just don’t know what to do.

Food has become your comfort. Perhaps you’ve had yet another tiring and stressful day at work? Perhaps you’re feeling at a loss or alone since you’ve retired or the kids have moved out? Perhaps you feel overwhelmed and just want to numb the stress, emptiness and pain?

It’s always there, waiting for you like a friend. Food has become a way of avoiding these difficult feelings but now you’re stuck in this destructive cycle of emotional eating and you’re struggling to break the habit.

You berate yourself for not having the self-control and discipline around food and you’re left feeling more depressed, guilty and ashamed.

Hi, I'm Anna, a leading emotional eating Clinical Hypnotherapist

Through my programme, Your Weight in Mind: Stop Emotional Eating in 4 Easy Steps, I help women like you finally take back control from the destructive cycle of emotional eating. As a result you can look forward to resetting your eating mindset and embracing a healthier relationship with food (and yourself)!

Ever since my teens, I struggled with food – food was always my go-to emotional prop. When I felt down, which was a lot of the time, I sought comfort from food. As my emotions fluctuated, so did my weight. I felt heavy, unattractive and embarrassed which meant that my confidence and self-esteem plummeted too.

Thankfully, I discovered the incredible power of hypnotherapy; a friend (who was also a very successful hypnotherapist) enrolled me on one of her programmes. The experience was transformative. It was as though the negative, self-deprecating voice in my mind had been turned down and my thoughts immediately became so much more positive. Any feelings of doubt were confined to the past and my inner confidence bloomed. From this moment that I started to challenge my old unwanted habits and make long-lasting changes which included building a healthier and happier relationship with food.

Hypnotherapy was so successful in helping me overcome the emotional eating cycle, I trained and pursued a career as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Combining my own experiences and expertise to create my stop emotional eating programme, Your Weight in Mind, I am now so excited to help you stop emotional eating naturally and without restrictive dieting.

My passion is now helping women regain control of their eating habits. This doesn’t involve expending enormous amounts of willpower or energy. Instead, it encourages them to create a more connected and mindful relationship with themselves, re-train their responses to food, recognise emotional hunger and promote healing throughout their lives.

It is Possible to Overcome Emotional Eating

I believe it is possible to break the habit of emotional eating without restrictive dieting or calorie-counting and build a new and healthier relationship with food and with yourself.

Hypnotherapy is incredibly powerful and it enables new and more positive thoughts to be implemented so much more quickly and effectively than talking therapies.

"Be part of a community that has recovered successfully from unhealthy eating habits through this programme."

— John Mitchell, Johnny's Kitchen