Anna Ritchie - Clinical Hypnotherapist


Anna's unassuming manner belies a sincere and deepest empathy.

Anna gained her Certificate and Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the International College of Clinical Hypnosis Practitioners under the auspices of leading Harley Street hypnotherapist, Tod Cury.

Formerly a full-time violinist in the BBC Concert Orchestra, Anna pursued her passion for hypnotherapy after experiencing its incredible effects with regards to musical performance anxiety.

She now combines a successful hypnotherapy practice with her work at the BBC Concert Orchestra.

After only one hypnotherapy session I felt immediately different.

The positivity I gained flowed into every area of my life.

The stresses and pressures of a musician's life are immense. I have rarely come across a musician who has not experienced performance nerves at some point in their career.

I was no exception. The anxiety I experienced was so great that I began to wonder if the whole musical shebang was really worth it. I felt as though there was no way of escaping those overwhelming feelings of panic. It was a lonely place. Performance anxiety is a taboo subject in musical circles.

Hypnotherapy was a last resort and I had no great expectations of success. Thankfully my cynicism was unfounded. The effects were immediately apparent after only one session. An abundance of self-belief was flowing through me and it hasn't stopped!

Anxious thoughts and fears that were so much a part of my personal and professional life became instantly insignificant.

I realised that the root cause of emotional disturbance is a negative belief system. I was simply caught up in my own self-damning thoughts that had accumulated over the years. Such beliefs become ingrained in our psyche and form unhealthy thinking habits that not only self-perpetuate but influence how we see ourselves, our experiences, our relationships and our place in the world. 

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